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Pura Vida” is a phrase used throughout Costa Rica. While the literal translation means “Pure Life” it is used as “great” or “fantastic” and it’s the perfect phrase to represent life in Costa Rica!
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If you are looking for a great vacation spot Costa Rica is the place to go! Whether you are looking for a romantic get-a-way, a family vacation or just a place to kick back and have a great time with friends, check out what Costa Rica has to offer – with the wide variety of activities available there is definitely something for everyone!

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About Costa Rica
This site explains much more than where is costa rica. It gives lots of information for those planning a costa rica vacation. Know more than a map of Costa Rica or just a hotel in Costa Rica. Find out what the real Costa Rica is like from a team of writers who have lived there. Pura Vida!

When you get to your hotel in Costa Rica, you'll be prepared for the perfect vacation in Costa Rica. Knowing where is Costa Rica is more than just finding a map of Costa Rica.

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About Costa Rica

Caribbean Coast

A majority of the towns on this coast have a Jamaican feel with Rastafarians, reggae and calypso music, and spicy Costa Rican-Creole food. There are refuges and a national parkwhere visitors can experience the coastal rainforests, coral reefs and marine life. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Salsa Brava are “musts” for avid surfers.

Pacific Coast

It has been reported that the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica are along the Northern Pacific Coast. Whether you are looking to stay in a luxury resort or want to stay in a local fishing village, like Tamarindo, you can find them along this coast. Surfers from around the world come here for the limitless surf breaks


Northern Costa Rica has some fascinating natural parks and Central America’s most active volcano is in La Fortuna. Daytime tours of the volcano, waterfalls, caves and hot springs are available and for the brave hearted there are canopy tours (zip lines) and a Tarzan Swing!


Southern Costa Rica is the most secluded and tranquil part of Costa Rica. If you are looking to experience a rustic, non-touristy area this is the place to go.


Central Costa Rica provides a wide variety of activities including cycling, hiking and horseback riding. There are numerous art galleries, national monuments and museums in San José alone. There are numerous ecotourism facilities and protected areas where wildlife and native plants can be enjoyed.